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Offering world-class services from startups to seasoned labs, Proventus is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We have deep industry experience and expertise, a high ethical standard of science and an extensive network of resources to help provide solutions for your reference lab. From application assistance, document preparation, lab operation and compliance assessments to full-scale design and implementation and vendor selection, we can help you achieve superb and lasting quality. 

Our Services

Clinical Chemistry / Toxicology Consulting

Test Menu Creation

Custom test panel design: Drug Abuse/Rehab/Detox, Rx/Pain Management, Pre-Employment Drug Screening.

Application Assistance

Assistance with CLIA certification, lab accreditation (JC, COLA, CAP), and state clinical laboratory application process.

Method Development

Analytical test method selection, design, development, validation, and all required data/report documentation.

Regulatory Compliance

Assistance with tasks leading to compliance with regulatory agencies.

Method Validation

Design of Method Validation study with data analysis and report preparation.

Document Preparation

All required forms, logs, procedure manuals, training materials provided in an easy to follow format.

Prescription Monitoring
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is the use of drug concentration measurements in body fluids as an aid to the management of drug therapy for the cure, alleviation or prevention of a disease.
In the era of Pharmacogenomics, TDM testing is valuable in adjusting the dosage of drugs according to the characteristics of the patient and the response obtained.
TDM is applied to ensure patient compliance with a therapy regimen or to detect occurrences of addiction or abuse.

Urine Toxicology Screen
Toxicology Drug Screen

Toxicology screening testing used to identify a class of substances affecting a patient. This enables clinicians to predict future toxic effects, confirm a differential diagnosis, or to guide therapy. Accurate diagnosis of clinical intoxication (secondary to illicit drug use) is based on clinical history and physical examination and may be difficult or impossible without laboratory confirmation. This testing is also necessary when multiple drugs are involved, as the effects of one drug may mask the clinical signs and symptoms of others.

Drug Confirmation Testing
Drug Confirmation Testing

Presumed positive results identifying a class of drugs are further tested by specialized confirmatory methods. Confirmatory tests use multiple parameters to positively quantitate a drug with levels of detection ranging in the sub ng/ml range.
Some drug abuse can only be measured via LC/MS-MS to identify and quantify psychoactive substances entering the market (fentanyl derivatives, for example).

SOP Writing Service
Policy & Procedure Preparation

Proventus offers customized procedure manuals, quality assessment manuals, and all required forms and logs to ensure smooth lab operation and compliance readiness.

Proventus Lab Services
Proventus Lab Services
Proventus Lab Services
Proventus Lab Services
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